Is Twitter Still Good For Business?

According to statistics, Twitter has an average of 310 million active monthly users during the first quarter of this year. However, the social networking platform is experiencing a decline in its daily users. The company as a whole is also not keeping up to the shareholders’ expectations. With all the talk in the media, is Twitter still good for business?

All the hullabaloos on the microblogging site’s dwindling daily active users and record low stocks were addressed when Twitter posted a $710 million revenue. Due to its wide audience reach, Twitter is still considered by some businesses as an efficient tool in brand awareness and promotion, and in attracting and gaining more customers. Here are some advantages in using Twitter:

  • Zero Marketing Costs

Enterprises can create Twitter accounts for FREE. Business owners don’t have to spend anything for them to be able to type a 140-character brand message or use hashtags in attracting new prospective customers. Moreover, Twitter can be used in updating the brand’s followers about its most recent product offerings, promos and discounts.

  • Increase Your Sales

As per the survey conducted by Constant Contact, 60% of a company’s followers are more inclined to buy its product or avail its services, and suggest to others the company’s products or services after following their Twitter account. In addition, almost half of a brand’s Twitter followers actually make a purchase or avail the company’s services.

  • Twitter is Viral

A good content can make your brand popular. For instance, when there was a power supply interruption during the Super Bowl, Oreo’s tweet “You can still dunk in the dark” was retweeted more than 15,000 times. Getting your content viral is also a form of brand marketing.

  • Monitor Your Competition

You can monitor your competion’s online presence and activity on Twitter for FREE. Just search for their Twitter accounts and read what promos they are offering or peruse what consumers are saying about them. If people are tweeting negative things about your competition, use it to your advantage! Gently persuade consumers to switch to your brand.

To maximise your Twitter experience, there are some cool tools that your company can use to make your marketing strategy more effective.

  • If your company has multiple Twitter accounts, you can streamline them using TweetDeck and Hootsuite.
  • Capture the interests of your followers with surveys and polls using

Even if the number of Twitter’s active users shrink, this social network platform still has a few ace up their sleeves. That’s why businesses such as ACM Group is engaging with its customers on Twitter until now.

Locksmiths in Sydney: Chasing the Blue Collar Dollar

You might be surprised at just how competitive the tradie and blue collar space has become in the digital marketing sphere in Sydney. Melbourne is similarly becoming fiercely competitive in that contest for top positions on page one of Google. There was a lag for awhile as previously non-computer literate people who worked primarily with their hands persevered with the marketing tools they knew, local papers and the yellow pages, but the tide has well and truly turned.

Locksmiths in Sydney: chasing the blue collar dollar is a prime example of this. A study of one client, a family business of Sydney locksmiths, ASAP Locksmiths, reveals their targeted strategy. Focusing their attention on the south-west suburbs of Sydney, this twenty five year stalwart of the industry is fighting the good fight in digital terms. Being based in Menai their ‘locksmith Menai’ page makes the first page of Google. They are at the very top of page three for ‘locksmiths St George’, so some more work to be done there. ASAP Locksmiths sit atop page two of Google for the keywords ‘locksmiths Padstow’. They are running in the top five on the first page of Google for ‘locksmiths Sutherland Shire’, which is a great result in a very competitive environment.

Tradesmen and women have definitely cottoned on to the fact that everyone now searches for a locksmith or plumber online; either via smart phone or computer. They know in the bigger urban areas that they require the services of SEO specialists to maintain their rankings; so that they will get the calls and the business. Huge amounts of income are at stake in this competitive digital marketing stoush. Tradespeople and blue collar small business have woken up to the digital revolution and they have stopped wasting their money on print advertising. Online is where it’s at and search optimisation is the main game.

ASAP Locksmiths make the first page of Google for ‘commercial locksmiths Cronulla’. They get a guernsey on the first page of Google for ‘emergency locksmiths Sylvania’ too; which must bring a bit of business. They sit snugly at number two on the first page of Google for ‘emergency locksmiths Miranda’ which is another coup for them and their SEO partner. Their website is a paragon of clarity, spelling out what they do in an uncrowded, even spacious manner; plenty of pictures depicting the nature of their service. Websites only work if the client can find it when he needs it!

Time to Have An Adult Chat About Your Digital Future

Small business and medium sized businesses are still coming to terms with the ever changing digital landscape. Assumptions have been made about what is required to promote products and services through the digital sphere. Many in business consider the fact that they have a website, which is performing reasonably, and that they also have a Facebook page, giving them a channel to social media, that the digital marketing job is done. Answer these questions and see if you fall into this group:

So you think having one website is enough when the first page of Google, taking into account the ads, Google Places and organic rankings, usually has 25 profiles on it?

I have always liked the analogy that a website is like having a virtual salesperson working on your behalf 24/7. It may lack the human touch, in that it cannot avoid its electronic nature, but it has many other positives going for it. It is, however, really only one salesperson; as you cannot effectively imbue multiple pitches in the one website without damaging the effectiveness of all of them. For this reason alone, it makes sense to have multiple websites ranking on Google, and each of them appealing to a different demographic within your market. A network of websites is like a national or international sales team covering the market. This network can help build and maintain your dominant digital profile in the keyword searches relevant to your business. You want to stand out from the crowd and make your presence felt.

So you think that having one person in your office doing your social media is the solution to your presence on social media?

There are billions of Facebook pages online and millions of Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts and all the other social media platforms. Can one person successfully meet the demands of this voracious medium and create profiles and posts, which illuminate your product or service. Run of the mill social media is almost a waste of time; it is a waste of time. This exciting medium can deliver inspiration in the hands of social media management experts; it can generate sparks in your market. Fresh social media is created by multiple voices, not one minion in the office, low down on the pecking chain. Social media is a modern digital art form, which combines words and images; properly done it stirs up excitement and stimulates real interest in your business. You want  something that would make David Bowie proud, some Ziggy Stardust, some Major Tom.

Is it time to have an adult chat about your digital future? Or, are you going to let the opportunity slip through your hands. Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Major Tom’s a junkie. Strung out in heaven’s high. Hitting an all time low.

Don’t let your digital future hit an all time low, do something about it!




The Health Industry Needs a Greater Financial Digital Presence

Individual holistic therapists are widely regarded in digital media and marketing circles as being one of the worst industries for poor presentation across digital media. Cheap-looking websites, tokenistically conceived, don’t portray an image that their patients might be trusting of. There has always been a technological laggard mentality among the majority of alternative therapists; as if their alternative is a return to the Stone Age. It is understandable, in some ways, because many of their treatments are about getting people to slow down and smell the flowers. Massage is essentially about the healing touch of another human being; a real one not a virtual one. Many modern ailments are caused by too much stimulation and too much time on the mental plane.

However, it is important not to confuse the methods of marketing with the nature of the healing treatments the practitioner may provide. The majority of western people are online; and they search for answers on their smart phones and devices. A digital presence is, now vital, for any holistic health practitioner serious about surviving and thriving in the twenty first century. So what can they do about it? Invest more in their digital presence, that’s what. Every private practitioner and health clinic needs a savvy digital presence, which reflects iconically and visually their particular approach to healing. Whether it be a sophisticated remedial massage clinic site, or a naturopath’s site, or a typical osteopathic clinic website, or a high ranking auditory processing disorder website; they must sparkle with the freshness of 21C technology.

It is not enough to have a pretty looking website, it also needs to be search engine optimised and supported by channels of social media. SEO and social media these are the tools of today’s age. A practitioner need not sully their hands with the intricate workings of the digital marketing sphere, if they choose not; engaging professional help is a more constructive road to success. If funding is an issue, they could take out a short term business loan and finance a bigger vision. It is no use being the best holistic practitioner in the world if you are also the best kept secret in the world. Stretch your wings, a little, before you attempt to fly. Find a bigger vision and endorse it with everything you can muster.

The health industry needs a greater financial digital presence, so that the public can interact with it more fully. The complementary practitioner space wants to be taken more seriously and, so, they need to stand up and be counted online. Step beyond your fear of failing and take wing up into the realm of the stars. Light up the screens of your potential market and make a difference to their lives.



Horse Racing in the Digital Age

The bookmaker industry has received its fair share of changes and innovation over time. This is quite apparent as we are introduced to a variety of ways on how to place our bet not only over the internet but also through mobile phones as well. Horse racing in the digital age, is this a good thing or will it breed a new generation of gamblers?  And just how useful is other social media for drawing traffic to the betting apps?

As mentioned above, gambling has become very much accessible to a huge number of individuals both newcomers and experienced people alike. Horse racing in the digital age is indeed a very welcomed addition along with free horse racing bets as this was able to save a considerable amount of time in the betting process especially since this can now all be done at any given time and at the comfort of one’s home. Online users are given free bets, bonuses and other types of promos that are almost non-existent in a normal betting procedure.

The integration of mobile phones with regards to horse racing and bets has also made it much easier to get yourselves up to date with the latest news about horse racing results that are provided in a short amount of time. There is no need to wait the next day for the results to arrive as these are given directly straight through your home. So is this a good thing or will it breed a new generation of gamblers? I think the answer to that question is that this will be able to cater to a huge number of individuals both young and adults alike making it a good thing. A new generation of gamblers introduced to this industry helps boost its overall popularity and presence.

Social media has also played quite a huge role in drawing traffic to betting apps. As discussed earlier, horse betting has been integrated in mobile phones with the introduction of several betting apps. As a result, this makes it possible to place bets through your phone as well as receive results through updates or text. Social media is able to draw traffic with these betting apps through likes and shares. As such, those who have an interest in online betting and horse races in general will be directed to these betting apps. Online users can also share content revolving around this particular subject matter to help spread information which in turn draws traffic to these betting apps. The more traffic it receives, the more downloads these apps will accumulate.

Horse racing in digital age is indeed a good thing paving the way to a new generation of gamblers which is of course the lifeline of this industry. Without them horse races and online betting in general will not be as popular and as successful to the point that you will see less and less of them over time. It is good to hear that horse racing has embraced several innovations and technologies making it even more relevant in this present day and age.

If you are interested in horse betting and online bets you may want to check out online websites that offer free bets to help you get started and have a feel in this industry.

Digital Marketing for the Rubbish Removal Industry

Digital marketing is the art of marketing products and services via electronic devices such as computers, cell phones, tablets, game consoles to engage stakeholders. It includes doing promotions through platforms such as social media, internet, and electronic billboards and also through digital television stations, radio stations.

How to use digital marketing for the rubbish removal industry?

Rubbish removal industry is an integral part in everyday life. With numerous calls on the need to care for the environment and beautification of the environment the need to reach out to as many people and organizations has greatly increased. Digital marketing can serve as the mediator between the service providers and users of these services and also increase efficiency and broadening of networks

The first place where it is easy to find numerous amounts of people is social media. Almost 2 billion people and organizations are available on such platforms. With little complication one can start a page or account for their organization with well explained details of the rubbish removal services you offer including the equipment available. On such platforms you will need to assign people to manage the account in order to respond to needs and anyone who may need clarifications promptly.

Some people are not available to reach on internet based platforms. Such people can be reached through the phone via texts. Most times one requires short numbers or codes that are uniquely selected for their company can be used to send texts concerning their services. Sometimes it may just be used to remind the users of their services when they will be collecting waste or importance of the services they offer.

Television is a great platform for illustration and education on the importance of recycling and waste management. Sometimes people do not know what bin to put recyclables in; a visual illustration serves as an important education tool for such people. It is also important in creating awareness by showing live images of the effects of lack of proper waste management and how proper rubbish removal improves on or prevents such things from happening.

With wide spread technology personal computers and tablets are also another avenue that can be exploited to boost proper waste management. Having a website to market your products and services may be unavoidable. It is important to have all the products and services and include your contact details in order to allow possible clients to contact you.

Audiences such as video games enthusiasts can be reached by having your services pop up advertisements during or before the game. These can be in form of webinars and power point templates.

What To Expect From An Online Marketing Company

online or digital marketingOnline marketing refers to the advertising and marketing techniques that are used by organisations to market and promote their products, services or brand in the digital world. There’s tons of information about online marketing on the web and it can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of skill and expertise to be able to choose which areas to focus on to maximise the return of investment, and this is where online marketing companies come in.

Online marketing companies apply various strategies to help a business or a website promote themselves online. These techniques include SEO, link building, social media marketing and online revenue optimisation to name a few. They can help you find the right online marketing mix of strategies that appeals to your target market and can actually convert them into sales.

When it comes to service, here’s what you should expect from an Online Marketing Company:

• Expect the company to be able to develop and implement online marketing methods that can create brand awareness, and generate product sales, ROI and traffic.

• Expect the company to be able to manage social media profiles, online advertising and events.

• Expect the company to be able to develop suitable social media strategies to make use of social media avenues for marketing campaigns.

• Expect the company to be able to coordinate with your company to actively promote new and existing products and services.

• Expect the company to be able to administer online marketing campaign through proper coordination with management and outside organisations.

• Expect the company to be able to evaluate and update corporate web content to optimise campaign efficiency.

• Expect the company to be able to develop and bring variety in the marketing process.

• Expect the company to be able to help you turn your website in to your business’ most powerful lead generator.

All businesses should consider getting an online marketing service to include in their marketing mix. Qualified online marketing companies can help a company improve its search ranking, optimise web content, manage social media profiles and ultimately aid in its success. Look for an online marketing company that provides a variety of optimisation services with a good reputation and experience that can give you great results for your business.

Digital Marketing for the Financial Industry



digital marketing finance industry

The advances in digital technology have practically changed every aspect of business operations, but several finance companies and financial service institutions still haven’t fully embraced the digital trend due to a number of risks in the security and regulatory guidelines. The good news is that not all of them are being held back. Numerous financial firms are starting to see the light and are jumping onto the digital bandwagon.

With the rapid growth of digital consumption and the multiplying social media channels, financial marketers are faced with more choices than ever when considering how they want to reach their target market. A lot of financial marketers are turning to digital marketing as there’s a big drop on the returns and poor audience engagement in the traditional advertising channels. They realise that digital is more efficient and costs much less when it comes to reaching the targeted consumers online.

Nowadays, the customers of the finance industry expect a convenient and personalised experience that stretches across mobile, social, and other digital channels. The increase in internet and mobile provide new ways for consumers to access financial services. These new channels include websites, social media and mobile apps which is why a majority of financial brands are increasing their marketing investments in social media, mobile, online video and rich media.

The changing world of technology and the growing sphere of social media have significant impact on how consumers behave and how businesses interact with them. Banks, credit unions and lending companies providing different loans such as home loans, business loans and bad credit loans are using different digital channels for various purposes. This includes sales and marketing, consumer service and CRM. Many have adopted an omni-channel approach following consumers’behaviours as they shift between device and screens.

Establishing your digital blueprint is crucial if you want the maximum ROI. A digital marketing strategy is fundamental to every industry and this includes the finance industry. Businesses without a committed and effective digital marketing campaign will not survive in today’s digital world and they can quickly become obsolete.

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Digital Tools for Personal Finance

12 Digital Tools for Finance1. – Any list of personal finance tools you see will surely have on it; such is the efficacy of this website. The great thing about Mint is that it helps you keep track of your budget without much hassle. This way, you know exactly where your money is going.

2. Betterment – Betterment goes one step further than, in the sense that it helps you allocate your funds for investment. If you are interested in making long-term investments, this is one website you should visit.

3. Buxfer – Buxfer enables you to see all your money on one platform, regardless of how many accounts you are using currently. This means that you can easily track account balances and other information.

4. ReadyForZero – ReadyForZero is the perfect tool for people who need assistance to pay off their outstanding debts. Managing debt payments can become much easier with this great tool. You only need to pay a small fee for their services.

5. NSW Mortgage Corp’s Finance Calculators – NSW Mortgage Corp provides a number of finance calculators you can use to not only manage your budget but also discover the best loan products available to you. This makes it ideal for people seeking bad credit loans or home loans and other credit options. Without a doubt, it is a great personal finance digital tool.

6. PocketSmith – PocketSmith is a great tool that allows you to set up reminders for payments you have to make and also helps plan out your financial future.

7. YouNeedABudget – Using YNAB, you can allocate each dollar in your budget to something, be it an expense or an investment.

8. Shoeboxed – Shoeboxed is a unique personal finance tool in that it allows you to save your receipts. This way, you don’t have to enter panic mode should there be any tax audits.

9. GnuCash – GnuCash is another efficient tool for managing and tracking your transactions while staying on top of your finances.

10. MoneyDance – MoneyDance is a wonderful app and you can actually connect it to a number of financial institutions. You can conduct different types of transactions through the app and also print cheques.

11. BudgetSimple – To keep things short and sweet, BudgetSimple makes it simple for you to manage your budget.

12. Quicken – Quicken is a great personal finance tool for reconciling your statements and accounts without much hassle.


Digital Marketing for Escorts and Brothels

Due to the cost of living, Sydney is basically one giant brothel. So it’s no surprise that like any businesses, escorts & brothels need SEO, social media and a digital marketing strategy. Melbourne is milder by comparison, and has slightly stricter laws regarding its sex industry. Brisbane on the other hand, is one heck of a bored, horny city. I guess there’s really not that much to do in Brisbane, because the google searches for sexual services is 50% higher than in Sydney. It’s also possible that Brisbane men have more disposable income than Sydney men. After all poorer Sydney blokes have massive mortgages, or severe inner-city rental which sure can dent the libido, or at the very least dent the financial largesse available to indulge the furthest reaches of one’s libido.

I used to think it was just Surry Hills where there’s a brothel on every corner. But recently the north shore of Sydney has shown itself to be a harem of harlots – peering under the urbane veil of Crows Nest reveals a swathe of brothels and erotic massage parlours – but it’s a truism that’s standard for any even-slightly-urbanised zone across Sydney’s metropolitan area.

It’s estimated there are around 15,000 sex workers in Sydney and there are many hundreds of websites showcasing easy access to escorts in Sydney or brothels in Sydney– the escorts are generally priced anywhere from $250 to $800 per hour whereas the brothels are generally $160 per hour for down-market, $180 to $250 per hour for good standards or of course higher class establishments which attract celebrities and the uber-wealthy can command $900 to $1600 per hour.

So … what’s the point of all this? The bottom line is that the google searches done for escorts and brothels delivers targeted self-qualified customers willing to spend millions of dollars every day for sexual adventure and satisfaction.

Nowadays there are more adult industry searches online than through newspapers, so any independent high class escort or brothel owner needs to keep a very sharp eye on their potential on google, or at the very least to ensure they have profiles listed on the highest-traffic websites.

Social media is another aspect of digital marketing that needs to be done intelligently – you may wonder where all the sex industry social media occurs because it’s not very visible on Instagram or Facebook – and Pinterest outright closes down profiles once it identifies them as of a sexual nature. It turns out it’s Twitter where sex workers keep in touch – not just keep in touch but are highly active.