Reputation Management

Is your company’s reputation at risk?

Protecting yourself against online attack is more important now than ever before. Negative online publicity can hurt your business faster than it has taken to create an online presence. No matter how ethical your business is it is an unfortunate fact of life that you can’t keep everyone happy all of the time. Just as the Internet is a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience a negative review or malicious attack from a disgruntled employee spread like wildfire.

Customers use the Internet as a research tool and the more expensive the product or service the more thoroughly the search for information on your company. A bad review or negative feedback can be bad for business.

So what can you do when someone posts negative reviews or malicious content that slams your company and urges people to stay away from you?

5 Steps to avoid negative publicity


Atomic Digital Marketing can set up alert services that inform you immediately when your company name has been used online.

Respond to Criticism Promptly:

Sometimes a negative review is justified and you need to acknowledge that you are not always perfect. Other times it is necessary to provide an explanation of why the users expectations were unrealistic but in all circumstances a prompt and polite response will show that you care about providing your customers the best possible service.

Provide Customer Feedback Forums:

Offering customers an opportunity to lodge their complaints with you direct can often avert potential problems. A little bit of love can go a long way and it is often possible to turn a disgruntled customer into one of your biggest fans. It is also easier to moderate forums you control than those you don’t.

Encourage and Incentivise Positive Reviews:

When people are looking to by products and services it is important to have positive reviews posted on multiple sites in order place your product in a favourable light. Providing incentives, such as a coupon codes, special discounts or entry in a prize draw can encourage positive reviews and push the negative review sites down the search rankings out of site.

Optimise Positive Review Search Rankings

Our reputation management service is designed to optimise the positive reviews of your business and help them rank better online. Whilst negative reviews can’t always be hidden from view, their effects can often be greatly reduced when they are pushed further down the search engine results.

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