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Search Engine Optimisation


Atomic Digital excels at raising your SEO ranking by basing your promotion on research rather than instinct, looking at what your competitors are doing, finding out how your customers search or use bespoke software and how people are searching for your product/service.

By implementing simple, effective navigation in your website design, hyper-linking between pages wherever possible to encourage search engines to “spider” the site and using keywords in the links, we can help our clients achieve much higher rankings than other agencies.

By assigning 70% of a clients search engine optimisation budget to "off-site SEO", blows away our competitors who don't do this and will give you a massive edge.  This will enable you to get multiple results on Google's first page instead of just one listing.

Trying to get links from very-high-traffic websites that Google already loves is very hard to achieve for a lot of companies.  But, by linking meaningfully and accurately to you, Google will love you too. We specialise in this aspect and cannot be matched on this by any SEO company in Australia.

Do not be deceived that one link from an off-site article is enough. For an off-site article to be very successful for you, it needs to link in multiple times with highly-targeted keywords and keyphrases - do not allow SEO companies to fob you off on this matter.

We have a number of well established, very-high-traffic websites that have been built up  over the last 12 years that make the chances of you getting a high ranking on google GUARANTEED - Google rankings for current client available on request.

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