What To Expect From An Online Marketing Company

online or digital marketingOnline marketing refers to the advertising and marketing techniques that are used by organisations to market and promote their products, services or brand in the digital world. There’s tons of information about online marketing on the web and it can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of skill and expertise to be able to choose which areas to focus on to maximise the return of investment, and this is where online marketing companies come in.

Online marketing companies apply various strategies to help a business or a website promote themselves online. These techniques include SEO, link building, social media marketing and online revenue optimisation to name a few. They can help you find the right online marketing mix of strategies that appeals to your target market and can actually convert them into sales.

When it comes to service, here’s what you should expect from an Online Marketing Company:

• Expect the company to be able to develop and implement online marketing methods that can create brand awareness, and generate product sales, ROI and traffic.

• Expect the company to be able to manage social media profiles, online advertising and events.

• Expect the company to be able to develop suitable social media strategies to make use of social media avenues for marketing campaigns.

• Expect the company to be able to coordinate with your company to actively promote new and existing products and services.

• Expect the company to be able to administer online marketing campaign through proper coordination with management and outside organisations.

• Expect the company to be able to evaluate and update corporate web content to optimise campaign efficiency.

• Expect the company to be able to develop and bring variety in the marketing process.

• Expect the company to be able to help you turn your website in to your business’ most powerful lead generator.

All businesses should consider getting an online marketing service to include in their marketing mix. Qualified online marketing companies can help a company improve its search ranking, optimise web content, manage social media profiles and ultimately aid in its success. Look for an online marketing company that provides a variety of optimisation services with a good reputation and experience that can give you great results for your business.

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15 Digital Marketing Aspects Your Company Shouldn’t Be Without

Social Media Tools

The best way to tap your market and have a bigger audience is by taking advantage of tools that can help you move to the right direction so that you can effectively grow your business. See if you have incorporated the following digital marketing aspects into your business and if not, maybe it’s time to reconsider your strategy.

1. Communication is one of the core building blocks of any successful business. An e-newsletter is a very effective way to maintain contact with your customer. It can keep your users up-to-date with informative content in a real-time delivery making it convenient too.
2. Facebook is where the most potential customers are found making it one of the best avenues to build your brand and online presence. It also gives you a chance to engage with your customers and reach a new audience through viral promotion thereby giving an advantage in marketing your business and generating a dedicated following.
3. A free way to feature images that represent your business is by using Flickr. Making your images searchable on Flickr will create more exposure for your business. You can also incorporate your Flickr photostream into your blog by automatically posting images from Flickr directly onto it.
4. Google + combines the features of search with social aspects and can be beneficial on your brand’s SEO efforts. Google’s search algorithms will improve the reputation of your site as a credible business for customers who are searching the web for your products or services. Google + is also great for networking, connecting and interacting with clients.
5. Instagram gives you the power to be really creative with your social media marketing. One great way to interact with potential businesses and customers online is through images, and Instagram is a great channel to advertise your products through photos that show what you offer.
6. If your business is associated with any type of sales, marketing or PR, LinkedIn has grown to be a valuable tool for engagement and promotion. It’s a powerful platform for building your brand, credibility and professional network. It also presents the option to display your website and blog which can also increase traffic to your site.
7. The reason many businesses use Pinterest is because of the opportunity to drive traffic to a website. Pinterest is also another platform that delivers brand recognition and customer service. You can market your brand by creating a pin board for the products that you sell. An image with a link to your website can prompt visitors to visit thereby increasing traffic to your site.
8. RSS is used by many websites, applications and social networks crucial to your online presence. Many search engines use RSS feeds in order to be able to keep track of when your site or blog updates. It’s the RSS feed sent out by your website which makes it easier for Google and other search engines to pick up your content more quickly.
9. Tumblr is a blogging platform that you can use to express what your company is about. It lets you share different types of content that can help boost your brand.
10. Twitter is a great networking tool. It helps you connect and build relationships with your audience. It’s also a good place to market your products and create brand awareness. Think of it as a useful tool to spread the word about your products and upcoming events.
11. Vine is a great marketing tool because it lets you create mini ads that show your brand in a new and personalized presentation. Visual content is always appealing to prospects and customers and vine’s strength is in showing off visual content with movement.
12. The best way to showcase your company is through a website as it conveys your brand’s personality. Websites are designed to provide information that is easily available about you, the products and the services you offer. It is where people go to see what you are offering.
13. WordPress’ simplicity and user-friendliness makes it a great blogging tool. It is a very diversified and innovative tool for creating efficient solutions for businesses. Maintaining a company blog is a great way to get your personal message out to many viewers as well as showing a different side of you that your customers may not know about.
14. Yelp is probably the most popular online consumer review site for many types of businesses. It is easy to use and supplies reviews and feedbacks from real people’s experiences about places and businesses they’ve been to. Use it to
15. One of the most important platforms if you’re looking to grow your business is YouTube, especially if you’re eyeing to reach a large number of people. Its charm lies on the fact that it is extremely easy to use, and provides an excellent platform for communication ads. YouTube can do wonders for your business if used correctly.

SEO Case Study: Multiple Brands Via Websites: From Gynaecare to Choices with a Few In-Between

best SEO companies sydney australia search engine optimisation


In September 2011 we were referred to the Sydney lower north shore company Gynaecare, who were looking to rank stronger on Google for a range of search phrases such as ‘vasectomy clinic sydney’ (image left shows two of their sites ranking #1 and #2 on Google thanks to our SEO work) as well as for highly competitive single-word searches such as ‘vasectomy’.

Using links from our aged high-traffic media websites, all of which are over ten years old, we were able to get Gynaecare ranking in the top 3 for all 20 of their most crucial search terms within 3-4 months.
The market response was so pronounced that one of the co-directors agreed to make a statement on video affirming that 50% of their business was now as a direct result of online enquiries.

They had tried other companies with dubious claims about the efficacy of their back links, but simply put, hundreds of back links are worth little compared to just three links from our established media websites.

While Gynaecare and two of their other websites created by us have ranked their socks off, the most recently created one is needing more Inbound Links – hence we record its current rankings after four weeks so we can monitor its trajectory in the next 3-6 months.

For all these searches Gynaecare is ranking wonderfully but the below are their Choices website only:

sexual health clinic sydney – Choices not seen 1st ten pages – by comparison Gynaecare is the #3 organic result and ranks again at #17. Also Gynaecare at #64 and #65 – and #74 and #75. And #99.

STI Screening sydney #36 and #37

STD screening sydney #23 and #24

STI Testing sydney – 170 per month

STI test sydney – 320 searches per month

STD testing sydney – 260 searches per month

STD test sydney – 480 searches per month

STD clinic sydney – not seen 1st ten pages

STI clinic sydney – not seen first ten pages ***

Gynaecare not ranking first page for this one so needs some work

STI treatment sydney – #15 – but zero monthly searches

STD treatment sydney – #12 and #13 – very good sign here with Google giving a double ranking – with 1-2 months Offsite Links development it will get across the line – however …. zero monthly searches.

Pap smear test clinic sydney #37 – Gynaecare is #1

pap smear test sydney #44 – Gynaecare #1

pap smear clinic sydney #35 – Gynaecare #1

sexual health clinic sydney north shore – #34 -whereas Gynaecare is #2, #3 and #4.


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