What To Expect From An Online Marketing Company

online or digital marketingOnline marketing refers to the advertising and marketing techniques that are used by organisations to market and promote their products, services or brand in the digital world. There’s tons of information about online marketing on the web and it can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of skill and expertise to be able to choose which areas to focus on to maximise the return of investment, and this is where online marketing companies come in.

Online marketing companies apply various strategies to help a business or a website promote themselves online. These techniques include SEO, link building, social media marketing and online revenue optimisation to name a few. They can help you find the right online marketing mix of strategies that appeals to your target market and can actually convert them into sales.

When it comes to service, here’s what you should expect from an Online Marketing Company:

• Expect the company to be able to develop and implement online marketing methods that can create brand awareness, and generate product sales, ROI and traffic.

• Expect the company to be able to manage social media profiles, online advertising and events.

• Expect the company to be able to develop suitable social media strategies to make use of social media avenues for marketing campaigns.

• Expect the company to be able to coordinate with your company to actively promote new and existing products and services.

• Expect the company to be able to administer online marketing campaign through proper coordination with management and outside organisations.

• Expect the company to be able to evaluate and update corporate web content to optimise campaign efficiency.

• Expect the company to be able to develop and bring variety in the marketing process.

• Expect the company to be able to help you turn your website in to your business’ most powerful lead generator.

All businesses should consider getting an online marketing service to include in their marketing mix. Qualified online marketing companies can help a company improve its search ranking, optimise web content, manage social media profiles and ultimately aid in its success. Look for an online marketing company that provides a variety of optimisation services with a good reputation and experience that can give you great results for your business.

SEO and SEM: Understand The Acronyms

SEO versus SEM

Many people get mixed up and confused with the terms Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Recognising and understanding the difference between the two is vital in determining the allocation of your marketing funds and resources.

SEO and SEM — what’s the difference?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website, affecting its visibility on organic (unpaid) or natural search engine results. It is actually a component of SEM and is perhaps the most cost-effective function in a search engine marketing campaign.

Two Main Components of SEO
• On Page (On-Site) Optimisation: Includes keyword density; title tag optimisation; quality of original content; keywords in the content, hyperlinks, headings and bold tags, URL, meta tags, sitemap, link structure.

• Off Page (Off-Site) Optimisation: Includes amount of incoming links; quality of sites that link to yours; social sharing signals; relevancy of sites that link to yours; keywords in the anchor text.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a more extensive term than SEO. It is the process of marketing a website with the goal of getting higher visibility in search engines with the option of using either free traffic (SEO) or paid traffic (Paid search advertising like Google Adwords).

Paid search advertising is purchasing advertising space in the search engine results. Rather than trying to rank higher and get free traffic (SEO), you pay to be seen in front of the searches.

SEM Practices:
• Paid inclusion
• Traditional ads
• Pay-for-placement management (includes pay-per-click)
• Link popularity / reputation development

SEO is focused on organic search results and aims to get your website to the top of the list of organic search results. SEM considers the right keywords and investing on those so that your website appears in the paid search results of major search engines.

SEO and SEM are not opposing services. The difference is simply that SEO is part of SEM and is actually considered as a subset. Both processes share the same goal and that is to increase visibility in search engines.

If you want to manage a business on the internet, it’s essential to be visible in both organic and advertised links, which means you require using both SEO and SEM. Merging the two into one solid strategy can be extremely advantageous for your business.

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SEO case study: Building a furniture brand in Sydney

Wooden furniture store SydneyHabitat Furniture came on as a client with Atomic Digital with the aim of shooting for the stars in terms of search results. As you can see on the left, when searching for furniture shops or furniture stores, Habitat Furniture is ranked third from two hundred and twenty million pages. Yes, that’s 220,000,000!

Starting from almost nothing we were able to get rankings for some very popular search terms within the furniture industry.

#1 for Timber bookcases

#1 for Timber wardrobes

#2 for Timber coffee tables

#2 for Pine furniture stores

#3 for Furniture inner west Sydney

#3 for Furniture shops

#7 for Coffee tables Sydney

#7 for Lamp tables

We’ve also managed to rank highly for a number of other terms, as well as creating targeted websites to pull in targeted traffic around some of the terms we’ve identified as having the largest web traffic, and hence the largest opportunity to market the product to the public.

Other upcoming search terms:

Wooden furniture now #7 out of 37.9 million search results.

Furniture Sydney now at #10 organic result so onto the first page.

Pine Beds at #10 still edging up.

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her response

SharePoint Sydney

Have you ever heard of SharePoint and Microsoft 365? No? Don’t panic. Most of us haven’t. But if you’re a business and want to share and manage files effectively then it’s time to get familiar with it.

SharePoint is a collaboration software which allows businesses to store, update and share documents and much more. Those times of having 20 different versions of the same file are over.

This week we talked to our client Marcus Dervin, director of WebVine who has years of experience in the field, and he shared his thoughts about these useful tools.

Are there any unusual uses for SharePoint that are proving very successful?
I wouldn’t say unusual but social enterprise is really picking up, Facebook for the enterprise it’s described as, but it gives a lot more value to an organisation than just people chatting with each other. SharePoint 2013 provides news feeds for this, and Yammer and Newsgator are also products that provide Social Functionality to SharePoint. There are a lot of third party products for SharePoint, some available in the SharePoint App Store.

Obviously you’re from overseas and being in Sydney for a number of years, would you say Sydney is a bit behind or ahead of other countries in this take up of SharePoint?
I lived in New York for 4 years, and the US is way ahead in terms of it’s internet usage, and technology usage in general. So SharePoint is more mature in the US, but we are making good progress in Australia with some nice case studies from here now.

Are there any common mistakes that companies make when using SharePoint?
There are many, see my article ‘Top 10 mistakes most companies make with SharePoint’.

Are there any security risks when using SharePoint?
Only if IT doesn’t know how to use SharePoint (which can happen). Otherwise it’s perfectly secure, just as much as a share drive. Permissions can be applied to sites, libraries and individual files. Groups are generally created and permissions given to those groups, which can also be Active Directory groups.

Are you able to discuss the largest project your company has performed using SharePoint so far?
Our most satisfying work has been for LJ Hooker. We have created an intranet for head office staff, an extranet for Franchise staff, many many applications for different departments and across the board. We have dashboards for the Board and CEO, and we are rolling out Newgator, which will bring Social Functionality to all Franchise staff. We work with LJ Hooker continuously, bringing more and more value to the organisation, and they are great people. So it’s especially awesome to work with them.

What year did you start Webvine? What other services does Webvine offer? Can you explain a little bit about Microsoft Office 365?
I started WebVine in the beginning of 2010, I had recently returned from New York. Our first client was Commonwealth Bank, and we have delivered over 16 projects for them since, we are preferred suppliers there. We have grown to 5 staff, and all is going well. We also deliver Microsoft Office 365 services, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM services. Office 365 enables companies to move their information to the cloud. So no more Exchange servers or file servers in the office. It also includes SharePoint online (SharePoint in the cloud) and Lync – a communications tool. And you can get a subscription that includes Microsoft Office also. It’s a great product and very reasonably priced.

What other activities/services do you see Webvine offering to companies in the future?
More CRM consulting, mobile websites, app development, and perhaps an intranet product that’s ready to go.

Where do you imagine yourself and Webvine being in 5 years time?
I know we will be in Redfern as we are moving there soon. I think we will have 30 staff, great partners, an eco-system of offerings between these partners, great culture, awesome clients, and having a lot of fun.

Webvine director Marcus Dervin is a SharePoint Sydney expert and consultant delivering projects for small-to-large companies in Australia.

SEO: How to Avoid a Google Penguin or Panda Penalty

Google Panda and PenguinGoogle Panda and Penguin are Google’s search result ranking algorithm updates. These updates were created to basically promote quality blogs and websites, filter out spam and present quality results on search engines.

Panda was first launched in February 2011 and is said to be the deadliest update yet, whilst Penguin which is a little more forgiving, was released on April 2012. Since these updates were launched, the SEO world has never been the same again.

What happens when the Google Panda or Penguin smell something fishy on your site? Aside from a penalty, the site will also have a big rank drop and pages disappearing from the results entirely, that’s what! Now, you wouldn’t want that would you?

Panda updates basically screens poor content and are intended to target shallow, duplicate, and low-quality content. Panda also detects the familiar forms of spam like keyword stuffing and random rubbish pages laced with keywords. It is designed with the purpose of spotting content that wasn’t adding any real value to the Internet and eliminate its muscle to rank.

Avoid the penalty by:
• Eliminating low-quality content from your pages as well as duplicate content
• Concentrating on building strong, unique and relevant content that reads well for your audience
• Refraining from placing too many ads on your websites
• Avoiding stuffing your pages with affiliate links by minimizing cross-links from sites you control

Penguin updates spot link spam, for instance, over-optimisation of anchor text and paid links. Its aim is to discourage and punish spam websites targeting the over-optimized ones with great numbers of low-quality links and remarkably high numbers of highly optimized anchor text, along with sites that have more typical keyword stuffing schemes or duplicate content that is intending to manipulate ranking.

Avoid the penalty by:
• Avoiding keyword stuffing on the internal and outbound links
• Not overusing exact-match domains
• Not becoming too aggressive with exact-match anchor text
• Having multiple and varied anchor text
• Acquiring significant, high-quality links and removing any offending links

The best way to escape the Panda and the Penguin’s fury is by avoiding strategies designed to deceive the search engines. It is a bad idea to trick Google, that doesn’t work! It is significantly important to learn about how Google Panda and Penguin affect your website and search rankings as this will help you understand how to have sustainable rankings and improved results.

If your site drops and you need assistance, the experts at SEO Sydney can help get your site back up in the rankings before it’s too late.

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SEO Case Study: Multiple Brands Via Websites: From Gynaecare to Choices with a Few In-Between

best SEO companies sydney australia search engine optimisation


In September 2011 we were referred to the Sydney lower north shore company Gynaecare, who were looking to rank stronger on Google for a range of search phrases such as ‘vasectomy clinic sydney’ (image left shows two of their sites ranking #1 and #2 on Google thanks to our SEO work) as well as for highly competitive single-word searches such as ‘vasectomy’.

Using links from our aged high-traffic media websites, all of which are over ten years old, we were able to get Gynaecare ranking in the top 3 for all 20 of their most crucial search terms within 3-4 months.
The market response was so pronounced that one of the co-directors agreed to make a statement on video affirming that 50% of their business was now as a direct result of online enquiries.

They had tried other companies with dubious claims about the efficacy of their back links, but simply put, hundreds of back links are worth little compared to just three links from our established media websites.

While Gynaecare and two of their other websites created by us have ranked their socks off, the most recently created one is needing more Inbound Links – hence we record its current rankings after four weeks so we can monitor its trajectory in the next 3-6 months.

For all these searches Gynaecare is ranking wonderfully but the below are their Choices website only:

sexual health clinic sydney – Choices not seen 1st ten pages – by comparison Gynaecare is the #3 organic result and ranks again at #17. Also Gynaecare at #64 and #65 – and #74 and #75. And #99.

STI Screening sydney #36 and #37

STD screening sydney #23 and #24

STI Testing sydney – 170 per month

STI test sydney – 320 searches per month

STD testing sydney – 260 searches per month

STD test sydney – 480 searches per month

STD clinic sydney – not seen 1st ten pages

STI clinic sydney – not seen first ten pages ***

Gynaecare not ranking first page for this one so needs some work

STI treatment sydney – #15 – but zero monthly searches

STD treatment sydney – #12 and #13 – very good sign here with Google giving a double ranking – with 1-2 months Offsite Links development it will get across the line – however …. zero monthly searches.

Pap smear test clinic sydney #37 – Gynaecare is #1

pap smear test sydney #44 – Gynaecare #1

pap smear clinic sydney #35 – Gynaecare #1

sexual health clinic sydney north shore – #34 -whereas Gynaecare is #2, #3 and #4.


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Auditory Processing Disorder


Tomatis Method is a therapeutic practice whose clinic is based in Edgecliff, Sydney.

After a small but steady SEO campaign they rank extremely well for searches such as:
sound therapy – a #5 ranking for this short search string
dyspraxia specialists sydney – #1 out of 980,000 search results.
speech delay clinic sydney – #1 out of 8.9 million results.

We recently developed a small website to target another aspect of the therapies they perform, looking to rank them first for auditory processing disorder sydney after this new site joined their established brand website at the top of Google – so they now had the #1 AND #2 rankings – it has been time to shorten the string to auditory processing disorder only.

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Hypnotherapy vs Hypnosis vs Hypnotherapy: a Sydney SEO Odyssey

Following on from a long-term Google Adwords campaign, Sydney-based clinical hypnotherapist Sandra Cabot recently approached us to focus on her big three keywords – hypnotherapist vs hypnotherapy vs hypnotherapist – to see if she could achieve quality rankings for these shortest-string terms.

We got to work on hypnotherapy first and were delighted to crack her Sentience Therapies website at #2 out of 14.9 million search results.

What’s exciting about this is that there are a whopping 60,500 monthly searches for this in Australia.

Next we’ve recently started to focus on the ultimate in terms of volume. The sole word hypnosis attracts 90,500 searches in Australia per month.

Using a new website we custom-built for her, she has currently got to #20 for this term – still a long way to go to be competitive, but we’re now focusing on bringing in some of our ultra-powerful “quality anchor-text links from high-traffic aged media websites”.

This is our marketing advantage as we’re yet to hear of an SEO company which has 13-year-old media websites that can proffer such profound Links Love that our clients almost always crack the top three on Google for their most crucial terms.

The final single term is of course the pure word hypnotherapist for which on this day we’re building a new Onsite Article to link to for this word.

Recording current rankings on this date:

hypnosis sydney 2,400 local searches per month – we cracked this one with her custom-built site. Currently already ranking number 2 on Google for this term out of 2.68 million results.

hypnotherapy sydney 2,900 searches per month – #6 of Google Places is Sentience Therapies while her Sydney CBD hypnosis site cracks a #4 organic result directly under the Google Places. Therefore it’s only appropriate to give that a hypnotherapy sydney link today.

hypnosis 90,500pm – #20 is http://sydneycbdhypnosis.com.au/

hypnotherapy 60,500pm – #2 on Google http://www.sentiencetherapies.com is a great result – but client needs an article prioritised on her CDB site for hypnotherapy – now linked to article of future focus.

hypnotherapist sydney 1600pm. With a #4 and #5 organic result this is passable for the moment but until her websites jump above Google Places results we will not be satisfied. Once again a second link is required for hypnotherapist sydney to keep the websites apace with each other.

smoking hypnosis 5,400pm. Client’s Sentience Therapies site ranking a very poor #42 so a new focus on smoking hypnosis has been implemented in today’s search engine optimisation session.

weight loss hypnotherapy 5,400pm. Client needs a lot of work with weight loss hypnotherapy showing their Sentience Therapies site at #53 and weight loss hypnosis showing their Sentience Therapies site at #60. The Sydney CBD site is not showing at all.

hypnotherapist 33,100 …. #32 http://www.sentiencetherapies.com/

clinical hypnotherapist 1,000pm searches around Australia is not a lot but still the focus is warranted as this is as close to her core business as a search could be.




Links of the Week!

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We’ve had another remarkable week here at Atomic Digital.

Once it’s Friday beer o’clock we like to bang out a final bit of love for our clients and one of the best forms of that, apart from the tweets and Facebook posts, is Link Love.

Cheers then to our buddies in business:

Australian Wheatgrass: loving a link that says wheatgrass

Bijin Make-up Artistry – liking a long string link wedding make-up artist sydney

The Health Arts College – looking for beauty therapy melbourne

Sydney Social Media Workshops – get it up there for social media training

Pinterest: a Pinterest page about Pinterest Training Sydney