What To Expect From An Online Marketing Company

online or digital marketingOnline marketing refers to the advertising and marketing techniques that are used by organisations to market and promote their products, services or brand in the digital world. There’s tons of information about online marketing on the web and it can be overwhelming. It takes a lot of skill and expertise to be able to choose which areas to focus on to maximise the return of investment, and this is where online marketing companies come in.

Online marketing companies apply various strategies to help a business or a website promote themselves online. These techniques include SEO, link building, social media marketing and online revenue optimisation to name a few. They can help you find the right online marketing mix of strategies that appeals to your target market and can actually convert them into sales.

When it comes to service, here’s what you should expect from an Online Marketing Company:

• Expect the company to be able to develop and implement online marketing methods that can create brand awareness, and generate product sales, ROI and traffic.

• Expect the company to be able to manage social media profiles, online advertising and events.

• Expect the company to be able to develop suitable social media strategies to make use of social media avenues for marketing campaigns.

• Expect the company to be able to coordinate with your company to actively promote new and existing products and services.

• Expect the company to be able to administer online marketing campaign through proper coordination with management and outside organisations.

• Expect the company to be able to evaluate and update corporate web content to optimise campaign efficiency.

• Expect the company to be able to develop and bring variety in the marketing process.

• Expect the company to be able to help you turn your website in to your business’ most powerful lead generator.

All businesses should consider getting an online marketing service to include in their marketing mix. Qualified online marketing companies can help a company improve its search ranking, optimise web content, manage social media profiles and ultimately aid in its success. Look for an online marketing company that provides a variety of optimisation services with a good reputation and experience that can give you great results for your business.

Social Media Management Agency for Hospitality


Why should cafes, restaurants and bars care about social media? In today’s’ business climate you can’t ignore the need for social media presence. Consumers are on the web and using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and they expect their favorite restaurants to be active on social media, and if you aren’t, you could lose business.

However, social media presence isn’t enough if customers aren’t actually coming in to your place. You need your social media to do more than just make the public aware of you—you need foot traffic to your business. It’s important to have a social media presence, but it’s another to manage it correctly. Managing a social media strategy requires a great deal of time and effort. Social media operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To manage a social media strategy properly you need to be prepared to respond to customers promptly and professionally. Information needs to be updated regularly and your social media presence needs to be updated on your latest deals, promotions, special events and upcoming activities. Your social media need to be quick and effective. The more effort you put into your social media strategy the more you will get out of it.

Hospitality business operators need to be smart to embrace the concept of social media. As the owner of a café, restaurant or bar, it is critical that you put the power of social media to work for you. The more people you get engaged with your company via social media the more people become aware of your business. More people mean more traffic which ultimately leads to more sales. Although it is difficult to quantify the return on investment of social media, it’s easy to measure the customer outreach benefits.

Social media gives you direct access to customers in the most cost effective way. If you don’t have a full-time staff dedicated to social media management, a full service social media agency is often more cost-effective than trying to do the work in house.

Hiring an agency to manage your brand’s social media communications is wise, as long as it’s integrated with your overall marketing plan. Atomic Digital is a social media management agency for cafes, restaurants, bars and hospitality industry. We enhance and expand the social presence of our clients through fully customized social media management. As part of our social media management service we will help extend your brands’ reach by connecting with digital magazines like Sydney Cafes, Brisbane Cafes, Perth Cafes and Adelaide Cafes. We give cafés, restaurants and bars the power to succeed online.

Social media is more than just a Facebook Page and a Twitter account, especially for the hospitality industry. We synchronize multiple social media together to provide coordinated social media management. Twitter is a great way to spread the word on what is new in your restaurant, and by tweeting and Instagramming via @sydneycafes we put our clients ahead of the competition. As an industry expert we will evaluate how your business can interact best with your customers via social media. We will work with consistent collaboration and commit to your future business success.

We offer a complete service ranging from helping you to create a Facebook presence and training on various social media platforms right through to managing your entire social media network. Our prices are affordable and our service is exceptional, our goal is to deliver the highest standards of social media management for the hospitality industry. Let us manage your social media on key platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest allowing you to focus on more important things like day to day operation of your business and keeping your customers happy.

Irish Food Gifts Hampers – Sydney Melbourne Australia

Taste Ireland is Australia’s prime source for buying Irish treats and goodies (Irish food gifts hampers) online. The Australia based business was set up by Irish Start-up Ambassador Eamon Eastwood. What started as niche boutique-style operation in 2004 has now flourished into scalable and thriving enterprise. 

They have teamed up with various Irish food manufacturers to bring a wide range of products like groceries, Irish gifts and Irish Hampers. Many of the products are Ireland’s leading brands in their specific category. Taste Ireland is now supplying retail giant Coles and Woolworth. Along with the two major retailers the company pubs, smaller shops and confidence stores but also has an online store. With next day dispatches, and delivery within 48hrs to most Australian orders, shopping on the web could not be easier.

Taste Ireland online reach increases through multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. It helped their brand build personality as well as relationships with customers and community; through these channels their brand and product awareness increases generating publicity to their target market.

Through our social media management, Taste Ireland’s access to potential customers has increased tremendously. The results have been impressive with a lot of requests for product information, as well as orders they have been receiving on their social media accounts and website.

Their Facebook account has 18,298 likes.


Their Twitter account is gaining momentum with 946 followers.


Their Pinterest account has 729 followers and growing.


Their newest social media adventure is Instagram and after setting it up, they’ve already been getting product enquiries


We continue to closely monitor their social media accounts and the development of all their social media marketing strategies and SEO development. We want Taste Ireland to continue providing you with a fun, secure and an interactive online shopping experience – we hope you enjoy and share it.